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Benefits of Wood Floors
Easy Maintainence

With the use of advanced finishes and stains used on wood, cleaning and maintaining wood floors is easy. Just regular vacuuming or sweeping coupled with an occasional cleaning with a professional cleaning product which we will recommend to you is all that it takes to keep your floor shining for years.

Eco - Friendly

Wood is a renewable and recyclable natural resource. Wood is known to be a perfect choice for healthy homes as it does not collect any dust or allergens. It has also been proved by an Environmental Protection Agency that pesticides are easily cleaned off from wood floors. We would also like to stress here that Living Elements uses only those finishes and stains which are proven to be non-fuming and safe not just for the environment but also for you & your family.


Wood floors are available in different varieties and different sizes with an options of achieving certain designs, stains and finishes as per your choice, the decor of the house and the size of the rooms as well.


Wood flooring today is not an expensive deal any more. Wood floors maintain their value over time. Where your tiles & marbles start looking tired and worn out over time, your wood floors still look as beautiful and elegant as before.

Easy Installation

Installing wood is an easier and less messy option as compared to installation of tiles or marbles. Wood today uses the locking or the tongue and groove techniques which may require just glue and /or nails to fix them. So now forget the need of Cementing the tiles and the mess caused during marble installation at home.

Easier Repairs

Repairing wood would mean resanding or refinishing only the damaged portion without causing any harm to the remaining floor or just a replacement of one plank or block of wood without having to remove the entire floor.

Long Lasting

Since wood is a natural material, it only enhances in value and beauty over time. We in India have seen the beauty of our grandmother’s wood cupboards and the value they hold even today.

Easier and Less Expensive to Change the Look of the Room over a Period of Time

Wood can be re-sanded, refinished and stained at any given time and you could change the entire colour of your existing wood floor to make it look different and change the look of your room.